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SWAN Helpline

The SWAN Helpline is a "warmline" for families and it is staffed with information and referral specialists.  These specialists receive calls from families interested in adoption and foster care.  The specialists answer questions and send the families information packets on adoption and the Pennsylvania State Resource Family Association.  First-time callers to Helpline are primarily prospective resource families seeking information about providing permanency to available children in the child welfare system.  Helpline is the contact for resource and adoptive families throughout the permanency process.  They provide education, encouragement and follow up to assess how families are progressing in their journey to becoming a permanency resource and support and resources to families who adopted or provide legal guardianship or kinship level care.  The SWAN Helpline may be reached by phone at 1-800-585-7926 or by email at SWANHelpline@diakon-swan.org

The Helpline serves another role called SWAN Connect. Learn more here.